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Omni-channel eCommerce Logistics

Transforming online business Enhance sales performance and manage daily operations

Easily manage orders from sales platforms, all orders at a glance. Exclusive marketing automation features to improve customer experience strategies.


Service Process

Enhance E-commerce Logistics Efficiency

Achieve efficient order processing and logistics management


Simply upload your order on the BooknStore platform, and we will receive and inspect the goods to ensure that your products arrive at the warehouse in good condition.


We will categorize and shelf your products, making the most of your storage space. You can also view and manage inventory status in real-time.

Connect to Major E-commerce Platforms

Integrate order, logistics, and inventory systems from major e-commerce platforms. Pick and pack orders according to the orders. BooknStore offers a variety of packaging options.

Arrange Courier/Logistics Shipment

We will arrange courier/logistics shipment for you, and you can easily track the order status on the BooknStore platform.

BooknStore Omni-channel Order Integration

Simple, No-Contract Commitment, Flexible Pricing Plans

Providing customers with one-stop logistics services, including B2B, B2C, and B2B2C

BooknStore Omni-channel Order Management System

Cloud-based warehouse management system that supports and integrates various e-commerce platforms/orders, courier delivery systems, etc. Real-time updates on orders, inventory, and delivery information, providing comprehensive visibility.

Flexible Pricing Plans

Pay-as-you-go pricing with multiple storage options. You can adjust your storage needs based on seasonal product variations, sales forecasts, or business requirements. Flexibly control your logistics costs and increase profitability based on your business growth.

One-Stop Platform Overview of All Overseas Inventory

You can easily view inventory in different regions, assisting you in entering overseas markets with transparent pricing and on-demand charging. Help your online business expand into international markets.


Pricing Plans

Storage Plan + Product Shipping Fees (Charges based on quantity, flexible pricing plans)


For individuals


For small business


For large companies

Monthly Fee
Storage Size 1 Storage Box 6 Storage Box 12 Storage Box
Storage Box Size

Transparent pricing, charged monthly based on usage Storage Box Size: 60 (Length) X 40 (Width) X 31.5 (Height) cm

Simple, Transparent One-time Handling Fee

Warehousing, Shelving, Pick and Pack, Courier Labeling
Includes basic packaging materials and shipping labels, and arrange courier collection

The order processing fee covers the cost of simple packaging materials. Additional fees will be charged for fragile items (HKD $2 per piece).

Product Handling Fee (Warehousing + Pick and Pack)

One-time Flat Fee - Per Piece


Not what you need?

Enterprise Plan

The ideal choice for large companies and enterprises, suitable for large brands that need to manage multiple platforms. BooknStore's logistics consultants will customize a comprehensive omnichannel solution that best suits your business and daily workflow.

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(Limited to Hong Kong Special Delivery Plan)

All-in-One HKTVmall

Shipping Logistics Delivery Plan

Automatically update HKTVmall orders to BooknStore system daily

HKTVmall Shipping
Same-day Order Processing Fee

Automatically update HKTVmall orders & small business

HK$ 3 / Order

Delivery to HKTVmall Warehouse

Delivery Plan

  • Daily Orders Daily Delivery Fee
  • 1 HKD$ 20
  • 2 HKD$ 40
  • 3 - 24 HKD$ 45
  • 25 - 120 HKD$ 80
  • 121 - 240 HKD$ 160


API Integration

Integration with E-commerce Platforms and Logistics Systems

Intelligent system for seamless integration with e-commerce platforms and logistics systems














TikTok Shop





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Overview your Inventory and Order on-the-go with real-time all from your smartphone..

Service Features

Optimal E-commerce Logistics Experience from the Merchant's Perspective

Expand Global E-commerce Markets

Provide overseas warehouses worldwide to meet your business expansion needs.

Real-Time Order Status Updates

Track and update order status in real time, providing instant updates and improving customer satisfaction.

Integrate Orders from Major E-commerce Platforms

Improve order processing efficiency, reduce errors and repetitive work, and provide better inventory management.

API Automated Order Integration

Seamlessly integrate multiple e-commerce platforms for automated order management and improved efficiency.

Your E-commerce Logistics Partner

Tailored E-commerce Logistics Solutions for Your Business

Including optimized transportation, inventory management, and delivery services to enhance operational efficiency and customer experience.

Expand into New Markets

Streamline multi-channel order processes to easily manage sales platform orders from different locations.

Business-to-Business (B2B)

Collaborate with various logistics partners to provide an integrated retail and overseas warehouse supply chain service.

From E-commerce to Consumer

Partner with different courier companies to simplify the entire shipping process to consumers.

Kickstarter Projects and Startups

Help you streamline crowdfunding logistics and never disappoint your supporters.

Automate Your Online Store Shipping

Say goodbye to manual order entry


Contract Binding


Minimum Spending




Save up to 80% on manual order entry costs

Multiple Packaging Materials

A solution that meets all your logistics needs

Labels and Promotional Materials

We offer personalized services to create promotional labels or inserts to suit your promotional needs

Return Management

Improve operational efficiency, expedite the return process, and reduce human errors

Express Delivery

We provide same-day shipping services to accommodate your urgent needs

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